Living Life In A Wheelchair

Appointment With My Family Doctor Concerning My Ongoing Physiotherapy Program
[ Friday October 14th 2016 at 12:25 pm ]

I've just had an appointment with my family doctor. It went so much better than the appointment I had with my surgeon on September 23rd 2016. I don't feel near the frustration I was experiencing after the last appointment with my surgeon.

In part my family doctor took time to listen to me. When a health care professional has spent time hearing me out and then discussed their advice with me I am glad to follow through in my part of the treatment plan. I don't speak to make noise. I have a good grasp on what needs to be talked about depending on who my medical appointment is with. This is a skill a counselor helped me develop following when I lost the use of my left hip joint in October 2006.

My family doctor affirmed the stretches given to me by the personal trainer on October 11th 2016. I demonstrated both to him. It was much harder for me to do them out of water.

My family doctor also took time to educate me more about how a knee joint is constructed and heals following an injury. I want to know these details. I want to know what is going on in my body.

Several men who attend the facility I use for my physiotherapy are keen to help me in any way possible. This has developed as friendships have been nurtured. As I've talked about what I am enduring they see the commitment I am making for my health and are willing to help me in their capacity if possible. They have begun showing me the conditioning center equipment. I know very little about this. The idea is that I will heal faster with exercises outside of the swimming pool. But at the same time my family doctor is encouraging me to do what is practical. This amounts to some exercises in the water and some using the conditioning center equipment.

My family doctor is more than willing to continue coaching me through the physiotherapy my body needs. I will have an appointment with him at the end of November 2016 to review my progress, an assessment of my physical abilities and guide me in the next steps. It may not be necessary for me to return to my surgeon in December 2016. We will discuss the role I need my surgeon to take during this appointment.