Living Life In A Wheelchair

A Personal Trainer Assisted Me In The Pool This Evening
[ Tuesday October 11th 2016 at 8:00 pm ]

Tonight I had a God ordained encounter while doing my water based physiotherapy. I use the 'Family - Youth Swim' time slow for my physiotherapy. This evening a personal trainer brought her two grandsons to the pool. She offered to help me.

I explained what is wrong with my body and my physiotherapy objectives. Very thoughtfully the personal trainer proposed a four step exercise which will strengthen my hips, knees and legs. I did several of these with the personal trainer supervising me. This allowed me to build up confidence that I could do the exercise without requiring supervision.

Then I was given an intentional break from exercising. During this time I interested with her grandsons. I love children. One of them through a pool toy a bit hard and too close to his brother's face. The personal trainer affirmed some gentle words of correction I spoke to the oldest grandson.

The second exercise I was given is to help improve the range of motion in my knees and hips. It was quite hard for me to do. I can tell this woman is in tune with the special set of physical needs I have. I believe the suggestions are sound.

After another break I was asked to show her the 4 step exercise. I was able to demonstrate this without guidance. I have an appointment with my family doctor in 3 days. I will talk to him about the suggested stretches. I have a strong relationship with him. I believe what has been suggested to me may be incorporated into my physiotherapy program.