Living Life In A Wheelchair

Delivery To Value Village Using My Mobility Scooter Trailer
[ Sunday March 28th 2021 at 6:51 pm ]

I just made my inaugural drive with my mobility scooter trailer being pulled by my power wheelchair. This was primarily to test out the trailer hitch. The practical chore I am accomplishing is delivering a bunch of donations to Value Village after doing more organizing and cleaning of my home.

I am really pleased with how this has turned out. It has worked well. In fact pulling the trailer made the ride my power wheelchair gives more comfortable. What matters is that it worked.

I now have more carrying capacity for my power wheelchair. This amounts to having more independence. Grocery shopping will be easier. Bringing things home from the hardware store for whatever project I am working on will be easier. This also gives me the ability to bring more camera equipment with me when I am taking nature photos. This is going to be really helpful in promoting my quality of life.