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Delivery Of Graphic Cards For Crypto Currency Mining
[ Monday March 29th 2021 at 8:29 am ]

Three of the graphic cards I ordered. These are for my crypto currency mining rig. Right now covid19 has massively disrupted the availability of graphic cards on a global scale. You just can't get the models that are powerful. I've settled as some "proof of concept" graphic cards. This seems like a safe interm step before going all in on more expensive models become available in 2022. I am thinking things through. I don't act compulsively. I see that the crypto currency mining could really help my finances. I am needing more money than the disability pensions I receive provides me with. The disability pension from the Province of Ontario hasn't kept up with the actual cost of living or inflation. Crypto currency mining is a passive income that may genuinely help me with the goal of being able to do more with my life and have the financial means to accomplish more.