Living Life In A Wheelchair

Spent The Past Few Days Cleaning One Of The Bedrooms
[ Sunday March 28th 2021 at 11:30 am ]

Over time during the past few days cleaning one of the bedrooms in my home. I spent 20 minutes or so gathering things that I could then sit and sort. Then repeated each day. I am really pleased with the progress I made.

The vast majority of the contents in this room were put there by friends who prepared my home for me to return living in it following a double hip surgery in 2009 that backfired. Most of the stuff in that room has been there a very long time. I was primarily focused on if something is trash or a donation. I've found it very easy to clear out much of the stuff.

My reason for doing this is setting up my crypto currency mining rig in the bedroom. I want to have a fresh start and a clean / organized work space. I have more to do. But it has been wonderful getting this first. It is also quite amazing the difference 4 hours of effort really has made.