Living Life In A Wheelchair

Purchased A Mini Binder
[ Monday March 6th 2017 at 12:53 pm ]

On Friday evening I had a very helpful discussion with a man who uses the same gym as I attend for the pool. He is helping mentor me with building an online income. I am trying my best to rise above my circumstances and make the best possible out of my life.

He gave me a very good suggestion to write some e-books which I could sell. This has been suggested to me before. It seems like now is the right timing.

I've just arrived home from purchasing a mini binder ( 8½" x 5½" ) to make notes of my thoughts. While I am in the pool doing my exercises I'll have time to think. I can record my thoughts so I won't forget on the way home. This isn't by means a small project. I do enjoy writing. I am very much enjoying making the youTube videos to help others. I am willing to work hard, within the constraints my disability and chronic pain cause me to experience. This should prove to be helpful to me in the long term.