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Prepared My Portion Of Disability Tax Certificate For Renewal
[ Wednesday December 23rd 2020 at 11:28 am ]

My Canada Revenue Agency disability tax certificate expires at the end of 2021. During my medical appointment on December 16th 2020 I asked my new family doctor if she would complete the form to renew this. She agreed.

I have completed page 1 of the form. This releases my family doctor to provide details of my physical disability to Canada Revenue Agency. Also in anticipation of this needing to be renewed I kept a copy of this when it was completed for me in 2018 by my now retired family doctor. I have printed off the pages he wrote about me physical disability to assist my new family doctor with this task.

The plan is to mail this to my family doctor. I have prepared a self address stamped envelope for this to be returned to me once completed. I tend to keep copies of medical reports such as this for myself. I scan them. I have my computer setup to automatically backup each day at 3:00 AM. When I receive the completed copy I will assume responsibility for it's delivery to Canada Revenue Agency.

Then I enter a waiting queue by Canada Revenue Agency for review. We just spent 9 months waiting for Canada Revenue Agency to approve funds be released for a registered plan my dad had at the time of his death. Covid19 has really slowed down processing times. Although I do appreciate the Federal Government of Canada keeping their employees safe. I am anticipating a response from Canada Revenue Agency in fall 2021.