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Financial Planning Appointment And Contributing To My Registered Disability Savings Plan
[ Wednesday December 23rd 2020 at 4:59 pm ]

I've had a really productive financial planning appointment with a RBC financial planner. This isn't to mention that they have gone out of their way to assist me by phone. Using my most recent inheritance installment I have contributed the maximum allowed for my Registered Disability Savings Plan for 2020.

For the remaining of the inheritance money we opened up a Tax Free Savings Account and invested the money in a low risk mutual fund. I am pleased with this. I can tell when someone is being genuine with me. She wanted to help me when I had no immediate need of the money beyond the expense of renovating the shed into a home office in my continued pursuit of self employment.

The appointment lasted a full hour. She sent the documents electronically for me to sign. I will receive the matching grant for my Registered Disability Savings Plan in January 2021. Then in February 2021 I will receive the entitlement statement for the year. On account of not making a recovery from my physical disability I am really counting on the Registered Disability Savings Plan to help me have money available during my elderly years.