Living Life In A Wheelchair

Brief Conversation For My Pain Medication
[ Tuesday December 22nd 2020 at 10:07 am ]

Following my monthly pain control appointment the staff pharmacist drafted my new pain medication prescriptions then spoke with my family doctor concerning me. I became concerned with my new break through pain medication prescription. It has a specific limit per day on the pill bottle instructions. This has never been done with me before. I've only ever verbally agreed to a limit with my previous family doctor.

What actually concerns me is that I said to pharmacist it was an average I was using. I am not wanting to go against my new family doctor. As well I am not wanting my new family doctor to effectively clip my wings and prevent me from being engaged in life. I can't manage the average dose on the days when my pain is bad or I am more physically active. I wanted to clarify what was expected of me.

The pharmacist said she would be available to spoke with me between monthly appointments if I called reception. She was good to her word. She explained to me the limit per day is for the life of the prescription. As long as my pain control averages this over the course of the month I am following what is expected of me.

I try really hard to help myself. There is a overlap in symptoms between chronic pain and depression. My previous family doctor always judged how I was doing in life by the activities I engaged in. As I was continually keeping myself busy he felt my mental health was fine and it was simply a matter of me being in severe pain affecting me. I don't want to give up what I am able to do for myself.