Living Life In A Wheelchair

Purchase Of 12 Volt Heated Blanket
[ Friday February 24th 2017 at 2:05 pm ]

I've purchased a 12 volt heated blanket. A friend who ran the errand for me has just delivered this. I've mail ordered the parts that will allow me to add a 12 volt port to my electric wheelchair. I live in Canada. This will provide me with heat to keep me protected from the winter weather as I travel to the swimming pool each week night for my pool based physiotherapy.

The heated blanket had a bit of a detour on it's way to meet me. I gave my friend the money for this two days ago. I was too weak to be able to commit to being awake the following day when he could have delivered it. It ended up in a donation bin (courtesy of his wife) and ultimately arrived at a second hand store which fund raises for a local Christian school. Thankfully my heated blanket hadn't been sold and was retrieved.

The modification to my power wheelchair should be completed within 6 weeks. This will be a huge practical help to me.