Living Life In A Wheelchair

First Grab Bar Delivered
[ Monday February 10th 2020 at 1:11 pm ]

The first grab bar I ordered has been delivered. I have 2 more coming. They are for my tub. It is part of keeping me safe. I almost slipped and fell on account of my hips and knees trying to get out of the tub in October. Then in November I almost became stuck in the tub courtesy of my knees. I was trying to think through how to make it safe for me. I didn't want to give up really warm baths since they are actually helping me.

The only down side to the grab bars is their installation. Pieces of 2" x 8" wood needs to be added in the wall behind the ceramic tiles and cement board they are adhered to. The grab bars need to be screwed into wood so it is strong enough to hold my body weight in the event of a fall. I will need to organize help getting the drywall off.

There is a bit of a silver lining to removing the drywall. A few weeks ago I added a waterproof speaker to my shower. I'll be able to hide an audio cable to connect the speakers to the tablet. It will be nice that it is concealed. Additionally I've decided to buy a water filter that connects directly to the cold water supply line. Since the drywall will be off it will be easy to snake the 1/4" cold water supply line where I need it to go and not have it in the way or become a tripping hazard. Since drywall has to come off it is the best time to do it.