Living Life In A Wheelchair

Ordered An Ultraviolet Five Stage Drinking Water Filter System For My Home
[ Saturday February 8th 2020 at 1:54 pm ]

I've been finding it too challenging to refill my Brita water filter. I am experiencing just too much pain in my knees and hips reaching for the hose and holding it while the water fills the reservoir. I've been researching different types of drinking water filters. What has made the most sense to me is buying a ultraviolet to kill germs and have filters to remove the impurities in the water.

I'm trying to do what I have control over to help myself. The challenges with my hips and knees requires so many creative solutions. I just want to ensure I am not drinking contaminated water. It isn't that I don't think the city water is unsafe. If you think about it logically if you don't faithfully change the filter on a Brita germs could build on it. Using ultraviolet for water purification is one less thing I need to think about.