Living Life In A Wheelchair

Delivery Of Faucets For New Water Filter
[ Monday February 10th 2020 at 2:14 pm ]

The new faucets have been delivered! I am pretty happy about this. I've been finding it way too hard re-filling my Brita water filter. The issues with my hips and knees is leaving this as a very short remaining viable option for my drinking water. I am not particularly interested in feeling like I'm being attacked from the pain it is creating. It is unnecessary and there is a better way to do it that accommodates my physical needs.

I ordered a 5 stage UV water filter off eBay. I might add that I purchased this from a business with genuine customer service that I would recommend without hesitation. The new water filter is in transit to my home. Since I live in Canada and the water filter is coming from the United States it made more sense to buy the faucets from Amazon.

I need to make this as practical as possible so the new water filter has the maximum impact on my life. I purchased 3 faucets. They were delivered just now. These will be installed in my kitchen and on the countertop of my 2 bathroom sinks.

  • If I am returning my dirty dishes to the kitchen sink as a staging area for the countertop dishwasher it is a "no brainer" to refill my water bottle at the same time.
  • If I am using the toilet it makes sense to bring my water bottle with me to refill it.
  • If I am going for a really warm bath to help ease the stiffness in my hips and knees refilling the water bottle at the sink near my tub also makes sense.

This means I am avoiding the extra painful use of my legs that is haunting me as I try and work my way through the health care system and the complicated treatment plan being tailored for my unusual needs. It makes sense.

I've recently purchased 3 grab bars for installing around my tub to make it safe for me. This was a practical suggestion from my family doctor. A certain amount of drywall needs to be removed on the other side of the tub walls. The drywall coming off for the grab bar installation allows the opportunity to fish the water filter supply line to the sink countertop by my tub.

All in all I'm sorting out what I need to manage my physical challenges. I'm trying. I don't have the entire plan worked out yet. I have made myself a "to do" list with the goals I'm pursuing. I think if I can get through my "to do" list my quality of life should improve.