Living Life In A Wheelchair

Physiotherapy Ultrasound Machine Is Now Reassembled
[ Friday September 6th 2019 at 1:12 pm ]

I'm really happy. In today's mail are the 4 new physiotherapy ultrasound legs I ordered! This is the final part in my refurbishment of the physiotherapy ultrasound unit I purchased about 6 weeks ago. I am really pleased.

The physiotherapy ultrasound unit came with hollow legs. The use of this to reduce my joint inflammation is a long term strategy. The legs I selected are solid. They are also reinforced with a washer. I could see see the hollow legs were already getting dings in this. They weren't going to stand up for the long term. What I've purchased is durable for the long term.

I did something that made me really happy. I have some M4 allen bolts and matching nylon insert locking nuts here. I was able to use these in the re-assembly instead of the bolts that came with the unit. I needed longer bolts. The part I'm exceptionally pleased about is that my M4 nuts and bolts were black. It matches the painting color scheme and control panel of the physiotherapy ultrasound machine.

I care about my projects. It brings me so much joy using my hands. I care about how I use my time. I take pride in what I do. It really pleases me that these match. It looks like it belongs. I have a sense of accomplishment.