Living Life In A Wheelchair

Attempt #1 To Seal An Abandoned Dryer Vent
[ Friday September 6th 2019 at 8:18 pm ]

When I first moved to this home I setup the dryer in the kitchen. This strategy worked well while the house was being renovated. As I got settled a stacked washing machine - dryer was setup in the bathroom.

Two winters ago the pipes froze. I don't want this to repeat. I've just gone through the effort to plumb in my countertop dishwasher. I've just used painters tape to seal most of the vent and then filled it with expanding foam. I am trying to act proactively.

Tomorrow I'll see how this made out. The reason I purchased this particular product was because it said "No Drips". It made me laugh when a blob of this fell to the ground. The use of painter's tape allowed me to make a mold or form for the expanding foam to take up the given shape.