Living Life In A Wheelchair

Smoke Detector Changed And Room For Refrigerator Made
[ Friday September 6th 2019 at 12:08 pm ]

A friend has spent about an hour helping me this morning. Two of the tasks I needed to accomplish are completed.

The physical space for a new refrigerator has been prepared. For several years I've been used a chest freezer set to 39° F for my refrigerator. This was a strategy to save money. My needs have changed. In receive months I've been relying on frozen meals because of being either too weak to cook or needing to be so careful with my energy that I couldn't both get my meal ready and work on my life goals due to my physical disability and chronic pain. My plan needs to change. I am now going to use my (2) chest freezers as freezers. I am going to purchase a new 16 cubic foot refrigerator (without a freezer) for cooling down meals I cook prior to packaging them up for freezing. My goal to prepare 2 months worth of meals at a time. I'll cook them either using my oven or slow cooker. I think this will work out well as my new meal preparation strategy.

One of my combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector units malfunctioned 30 hours ago. It went into a fault and was chirping to alert me to this. It was just going to be too hard for me to change this myself. My friend has graciously done this for me. I am very glad this is off of my "to do" list.