Living Life In A Wheelchair

March 2019 Newsletter Edition

During the month of March my time has been occupied by maintenance to my home. My home hasn't required much maintenance to speak of for several years. However this has lead to much maintenance all at once.

My natural gas cooking range has required maintenance. The natural gas isn't igniting properly in the oven. It is obvious the ignition has reached the end of it's service life. I lined up the repair. I appreciated the technician explaining how the oven works as he was doing the repair.

My hot water tank burst in January. Attempt #1 to replace it was unsuccessful. The tankless water heater I purchased wasn't suitable; The water coming in my home is just too cold. After doing more research I selected a polymer based water heater. This tank has a life time anti burst warranty. I am really pleased with it. To increase the energy efficiency I also purchased a thermal blanket. Since I am living alone my single biggest use of hot water is when I am showering. The thermal blanket will help prevent the heat from warm water from bleeding off between showers. The water heater thermal blanket gives an additional 3" of insulation all around the tank. This will help my money go further.

My sump pump is also wearing out and in need of being replaced. I can hear the bearings. The replacement sump pump is a submersible model. I am really pleased with this selection. It has more power and runs quieter than the pedestal model. This is really important since my bed is nearly above the sump pump. I didn't find the installation hard. In fact I really enjoy using my hands. With the use of a stool to sit on in order not to stress my leg joints it has turned out ok for me. It is nice getting another thing off my "to do" list.

During the spring thaw my yard flooded. Water backed up into the shed. It made a right proper mess. One of my neighbors is a landscaper contractor. I had him over to see my flooded yard. My yard will need to be graded this summer.

The other task needing to happen this month in the maintenance of my physical disability is my accessible parking permit. It needed to be renewed. My family doctor completed the form. I've submitted it to Service Ontario for review. I anticipate this being approved. My use of this is for when friends take me out shopping and for specific chores. This is a strategy to manage my quality of life.

Although I didn't plan to spend my time on home renovations and have other things on my "to do" list I am pleased with the month. I have a great sense of accomplishment with the progress made this month. I am completing my projects a step at a time.