Living Life In A Wheelchair

April 2019 Newsletter Edition

Overall the month of April has been good. I am making some progress on my goals. It is nice making progress on projects I started but haven't been able to complete due to the effect my physical disability and chronic pain have on my life.

One of the young adults in the community and his girl friend had a baby girl. I've been supporting this young man for a number of years. He seems to like asking about progress in his schooling, employment and hobbies. With the support of his mom I see this as time that was well spent. I help celebrate and provide something practical I sewed a number of bibs their child may use. I've enjoyed doing this.

I've continued making progress on the deep cleaning of my home. I really enjoy taking items I no longer need or use to the local thrift store where they may be resold to individuals in need at a lower price. It is proving really helpful freeing up space in my home. I am getting closer to my goal of only having a set of possessions I actively use in my day to day life.

I am making great progress setting up my laser engraver. I'm setting up a work station that matches the logistical needs of my body. I've been figuring out a setup that will work where what I need to use is easily within my reach. when this is up and running I am going to use the money it generates to hire practical help. I know I am going to need help. I sense that I am up against my limits and that I could be making my day to day life a lot easier if I was to hire some practical help.

I've set in motion a replacement furnace. This will be installed in May. I used some of the money from my inheritance to pay for this in full. I've been hearing grinding. I know it is reaching the end of it's service life. Not having heat is the only thing that really concerns me. I do have a natural gas fire place I could use in an emergency. A big part of what concerns me is not being able to see the basement and properly check on it due to my physical limits. I am thinking of setting up a surveillance camera that I could view over my computer network that would allow me to monitor the basement.

I am always looking for innovative ways to co-exist with my chronic pain and physical challenges. I read a really neat news piece. A family doctor gave a banana tree to one of their patients. This was done so the person had something to take care of each day. This was done because of how badly the individual was struggling with their chronic pain. Eventually this grew. The person now has a banana growing business here in Canada. Reading this was really inspiring. I've ordered some dwarf banana seeds. I'm interested to see if I could grow some bananas and to see if I enjoy this. I am sure I will be needing more operations. My knee joints aren't doing well. I have a major assessment on May 2nd 2019. I think I would enjoy taking care of this while continuing the treatment for my physical disability. I am trying to make the best out of my life while I pray for the Lord Jesus to guide and direct my life.