Living Life In A Wheelchair

February 2019 Newsletter Edition

I am happy with the month of February. There are times in my life when I am very effected by pain and limited in what I am able to get done. There are times when I get the balance of activities, computer work and rest correct and am operating at my personal best. There are other times when I need a few days to think, make decisions and strategically plan for my future. The month of Overall the month of February has been a productive month. I am pleased with the gains I've made in my life and the goals I have set for myself.

I've made more progress in the deep cleaning of my home. I needed help to get started. I needed help organizing my thoughts. The help I needed was sorting through my physical limits. Then after wrapping my mind around what I am able to accomplish figuring out what activities I will pursue. With this in mind it has become very easy sorting through what is part of my life now and what I am able to let go of. more than this I've made numerous donations to the local thrift stores. some of the things I am no longer able to make use of will benefit someone else. It has become a rewarding experience and not daunting.

While cleaning I came across my Curious George Goes To The Hospital book. This was given to me as a child with part of the strategy in preparing me for my childhood treatment and surgery. It brought a smile to my face. I remember my 2 orthopedic surgeries at age 5 and numerous hospital appointments. This book helped. I've reached out to my local hospital. I am able to donate this to the pediatric unit to help another family support their child. I am grateful for this opportunity.

I do get very physically weak from the amount of pain and broken sleep I experience. It is just amazing how exhausting being in pain is. It is like completing a marathon. I know both life styles. I remember life before chronic pain. I can do much more. I have to be very decisive in my decision making. When I am weak I often pray fore the Lord Jesus to send encouragement. It never fails that something very special happens to me shortly there after. This again happened in February when I needed some time to rest after making positive gains on my goals.

My home is requiring some maintenance. My hot water heater burst in January. Now my natural gas cooking range oven needs the natural gas ignitor replaced. I've made arrangements for this. I appreciated that the technician took time to explain how it works and how he was fixing my oven. I am interested in how things work. I get so much joy in using my hands.

My first attempt to replace my water heater didn't work. I purchased a tankless water heater. What I learned from this is a top of the line naturtal gas unit is the practical option needed in a home setting. The water coming into my home is just too cold. Sure the water heater was increasing the temperature by 30° F. it isn't practical for me to shower in water with a temperature of around 68° F. The warmth helps ease the pain in my hip and knee joints.

I've ordered a different style of water heater. This model is polymer based. The tank has a life time anti burst warranty. Essentially all that can go wrong are the heating elements and heating thermostats needing to be replaced. It is more money up front. However it makes good financial sense. This isn't to mention the disruption to life when the hot water tank needs replacement. I am very impressed with the insulation it comes with. When this water heater was being engineered some good thought went into it. I am looking forward to years of service with this water heater upon arrival. This isn't to mention changing a heating element or thermostat isn't an arduous ordeal. The hardest job is getting the water heater connected to the plumbing and electricity.

In short I am really pleased with the progress I made for my life during this month. As I get my personal affairs in order I am looking forward to supporting more people through my web site, videos and books I plan to start writing.