Living Life In A Wheelchair

January 2019 Newsletter Edition

January has truly been a month of new beginnings. My physical and pain challenges didn't finish when 2019 began. I have switched my focus to my self employment goals and the needs of my home. This is what will immediately impact my quality of life and help me move forward in life.

I've been hearing squealing sounds coming from my furnace for the better part of 2 years. I'd assumed this was a belt coming loose. I e-mailed the business I purchased the furnace from. This is far more serious. The furnace either needs a major repair or to be replaced. Alternatively I could rent a furnace. With my inheritance I have the financial means to purchase a replacement. I will spend some time evaluating the pros and cons. Then I'll make a decision if to repair or replace the furnace. I am careful with my money and trying to be a good steward in this decision making.

Earlier in the month a wonderful online purchase I made arrived. I purchased a mascot for my mobility scooter. The mascot is an antenna topper. It would normally be installed on a vehicle antenna. The figure is the head of an airplane with an open cockpit. He is just so cute.

I've identified one more item I may add to my self employment aspiration. It is a laser engraver. The idea is to etch some of my nature photos into wood. Then I will sell them online. Creative activities really help me co-exist with my chronic pain and physical disability. I think the laser engraver will become one of these outlets. I have some setting up to do. This won't be easy for me. I believe it will be worth it in the end.

As the month came to an end I am without hot water. My water heater burst. I own my water heater. I need to sort out a replacement. I am going to try tankless water heater. The water coming into my home during the winter months is really cold. I don't know if it will work or not. Nothing lost in trying. I want to know how effective tankless water heaters are. This is part of my planning for a house made for the special needs of my body.

I've experienced sudden new right hip pain. It is under the incision for my right hip joint replacement. The pain felt the same as when the cartilage tore in both of my hip joints. I will give it time to settle down. Otherwise I will need to reach out to the surgeon who replaced my hip joints for assistance.

I've made myself a "to do" list. This will help me to focus my time and energy effectively. I am hopeful of this strategy. I make myself a "to do" list each night before I go to bed for the next day. I am hoping to make some solid gains in my life goals. Of course this will depend on pain and stiffness. But one day a time.