Living Life In A Wheelchair

December 2018 Newsletter Edition

The month of December 2018 was very challenging for me personally. For most of the month I was pre-occupied taking care of my health, home and pressing issues.

The month of December started just two days after unsuccessful knee lubricating injections. The injections were performed on November 28th 2018 and expected to last 4 to 6 months. In reality they wore off in my right knee joint at hour 20 and my left knee joint at hour 28. I had a full blown arthritis attack in both my knee joints at hour 35. Although I am not surprised I had hoped to get a bit more out of the procedure than this.

A week after the unsuccessful injections I reached out the surgeon who replaced my hip joints. I asked permission to send a letter describing the various unsuccessful knee joint treatments spanning over the past 32 months. I was encouraged to do so. The surgeon wishes to have a further discussion with me in person concerning my knee joints. I will be attending his clinic in January 2019.

My electric hot water tank developed a leak around one of the heating elements. This caused a short circuit resulting in me not having hot water. Even with my physical disability and chronic pain challenges I enjoy using my hands. I slowly paced myself to repair this over a 10 day span. My hip and knee joints requires 2 - 3 days rest between each step. This wasn't fast but certainly very rewarding to complete. I was ill during December. I developed a mild case of bronchitis and the common cold at the same time. I was to the hospital for treatment because of the effect it was having on my breathing. When I get sick it makes me very weak on account of my physical disability, chronic pain and the strain placed on my body. Thankfully this is rare.

The month of December 2018 finished on a high note. The new version of my personal web site is online. Although there is more programming to do in order to give the web site all the functionality I envision I am so pleased with the progress made. The new web site design is so much further ahead than what I was using over the past 5 years.

I've also been working on the programming for the new queuing system that will dispatch e-mails. This has been mentally challenging. I find this rewarding. This e-mail queue is essential to growing my home business and reaching more people. I've come to really enjoy teaching, sharing and encouraging others while using the skill set God has given me and the practical experience I've gained living with a physical disability and chronic pain.