Living Life In A Wheelchair

May 2018 Newsletter Edition

The month of May has been about starting to make big changes for how I live out my life. How I am presently living has become unsustainable. I need to do things differently. I've been writing off 4 - 5 days each week. I can't keep doing this. Even the most basic of tasks have become too hard for me.

I've ended my gym membership. The last 6 times I attended I've nearly vomited from how severe the pain had become from the travel to - from the facility using my power wheelchair. This left me unable to really pursue my goals. The last time I was going to attend I needed to turn around half way there and come home. The pain has become so severe that I needed to immediately return home. I was very near vomiting from the severity of the pain.

Instead I've decided to begin attending a seated exercise program at a health care facility near my home. I am hoping this will prove helpful to me. I am not looking to recover. I am trying to slow down the deterioration. This is a different approach to exercising. The first session I'll attend will be on June 4th.

I underwent an experimental knee injection. After two days the pain this was suppose to resolve was back. I experienced similar with each of my hip joints. The medicine technically has another week to work in my body. However with this result it is unlikely to be successful. I am disappointed, although I am not surprised.

I've wanted an attempt to pursue self employment where I wasn't preoccupied with my health and health care treatment. The present isn't an ideal circumstances. It is challenging living with chronic pain. I am limited in what I can do in a day.

What is becoming obvious to me is the risks of further medical treatment opening a proverbial "can of worms". I am not convinced it is in my best interests to pursue invasive treatment for me knees until I have a shot at establishing the necessary cash flow. If my physical disability and chronic pain becomes much worse I am going to find myself in the situation where I live in poverty for the rest of my life. For me this just isn't worth the risk. I want more for my life and I am willing to work hard to achieve this.