Living Life In A Wheelchair

April 2018 Newsletter Edition

Throughout the month of April 2018 I've been taking stock of my life, needs and the resources I require to optimally function. I am coming to the conclusion it is unavoidable that I need to restructure my life. I don't know exactly what changes I will be making. I am thinking this through. I need to do something soon because I physically can't sustain how I am presently living.

In early April I met with a dietitian. I initiated this. I am really struggling with the broken sleep my hip and knee pain is causing me. This is leaving me fatigued. As a result I am struggling to complete the most basic pf tasks. My starting point to rebuilding how I live my life each day needs to be around eating healthy, meal preparation and what is a healthy alternative I may use when my sleep has been so broken that my body gets the nourishment needed. Essentially I am making decisions in advance so I have options for when I am in a weakened state.

As I had a very specific set of questions going into this appointment the dietitian had prepared the resources needed to educate me and give me the options I've been trying to figure out. I even received a large book addressing low income healthy eating. The appointment was very helpful.

I've used the gym this month. But I am noticing I am not able to be near as consistent as in the past. Often my body is needing 2 days to recover when I attend. The travel using my power wheelchair is causing me incredible pain. I would now need literally pristine roads so my power wheelchair wouldn't jostle during the trip. I am not sure what the future of exercise looks like for me. While speaking with the dietitian I was told of programs (including exercise) available that are much better matched to my special set of needs. I am starting to think about switching.

The other item I've spent time on this month has to do with music. Before my physical challenges became so critical in 2006. Playing the piano was a big part of my life. I miss this. I want to do this again. I really enjoyed it. I've been gifted a digital piano complete with speaker and keyboard stand. I've invested heavily in audio recording equipment. I hope to initially brush up on my piano playing. Then I plan to compose my own music, record myself and use this as a fund raiser towards a new home made for the specific set of needs of my body.