Living Life In A Wheelchair

June 2018 Newsletter Edition

Throughout the month of June my life has begun to transition into a new normal. As I sat down to prepare this I'm pleased with what I've accomplished this month. It hasn't been easy. My efforts this month have been very rewarding.

I purchased a low flow hand held shower head for myself. Since I ended my gym membership I am now showering at home again. My previous shower head had a crack. Technically this didn't need replacing. I am intentional about taking steps to manage my budget. A low flow shower head on sale is something I can do to help my budget in the long term.

I also began to attend the seated exercise program. Overall I am pleased with this. It certainly has proven to be a helpful decision. I wish I had begun attending this a year ago. They use a different set of exercises than what has been tried with me to date. There are numerous limits I am up against. I can't do all the leg based exercises because of the state of my knee joints. It isn't going to lead to a recovery. I am confident in my assessment that this will retard the rate of digression. I have to be able to take care of myself. This isn't causing the debilitating pain the travel to the gym had caused me.

I've had gracious help with the deep cleaning of my home this month. I am really pleased with this. As soon as the cleaning gets done and I've finished my other goals I'll be able to focus my time and energy on my self employment aspiration. The help with cleaning in June has sped up the completion of my home cleaning by several months. I can only clean in short bursts of about 20 minutes. I am really happy with this. I want to be using my time to make a difference in peoples lives through my videos, the books I plan to write, etc. The cleaning is a means to an end. It is great having help with this.

Since I received some money from my inheritance I was able to purchase the additional paper trays for the color lazer printer. This printer is essential to my goals in life. It is great that these are here now. I am really passionate about the books I will write. I will be able to layout the lessons I've learned and the logistics of life I utilize. I am really looking forward to using the printer to it's full capacity in pursuit of my aspirations.

I want to end my June summary with a very special moment. One of the youth needed a computer monitor, printer, paper and ink. This is to be an aide in completing his correspondence courses and graduating from high school. I was able to do this for one of the youth in an alternative high school program. I found this very rewarding. I see the potential in this youth. I am confident in these items making life easier for him. I often encourage youth to do their personal best in their courses. In this particular instance I am able to give something tangible. Not being solely focused on myself helps me co-exist with the chronic pain and physical disability I have.