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These are real life strategies I use in my meal preparation and cooking exploits. I share these as possible tips to educate and equip you in making the most out of your kitchen. I want to help you produce healthy and well tasting dishes. Not everything will turn out as hoped. But I commend you for being willing to try.

  • Buying grocery items in bulk saves money. The trade off is requiring physical space for storage and that the food remains suitable for human consumption. Advanced meal planning is required to use this as a strategy.
  • Generally when substituing flour for large flake oatmeal ground up in a food processor the recipe requires 50% additional fluid and cooking 40% longer at a lower temperature.
  • Seasoning meals doesn't need to be complicated. Buying a mix (such as "Italian seasoning"), purchasing ingredients which have already had their flavour profile enhanced (such as seasoned diced tomatoes) or using ingredients which appeal to your sense of taste (such as using dill pickles) are ways to make what comes from your kitchen worth while, enjoyable and potentially dissuade the use of take-away and eating out.