Living Life In A Wheelchair

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The cookbook is a new addition to my website in 2022. Initially I am planning a monthly youTube cooking video and post the recipe here for others to use. I expect this will become a valuable resource for others to use within 2 years.

The recipes I plan to post are ones I have created myself. They have been the end result of my quest to maintain a healthy body weight while using a power wheelchair for mobility. This is part of a holistic approach in managing my physical disability and the challenges this creates. This is something I definitely want to share with you.

Now I realize there are no lack of dietary restrictions a person may face for any number of reasons. Please work with your health care team to make tweaks to each recipe so it is suitable for your needs.

People can become sensitive to taste and texture. There are no lack of herbs and spices that may easily change a food profile to make it more palatable. However this requires a person to have the moral courage to try. You don't have to like all the same things I eat. For those who are struggling to prepare their meals this will help shed light on how I cook for just myself and perhaps become a fresh lease on life and allow you to be more engaged in the world around you.