Requested PDF Copies Of Tool Instruction Manuals For Long Term Storage

I heavily rely on my computer as a tool for limiting what I need to keep. As an example I keep only PDF copies of all the manuals for products I buy on my computer. If I need to reference one I am able to bring it up on my computer. It is in good shape. Each night after I go to bed my computer automatically performs a backup to a network attached storage device I purchased for my home network. This protects me from loosing my documents, pictures and music.

Today I purchased a woodworking router and table. I've just e-mailed the manufacturer to inquire if they have a scanned copy of the manual they may send me. Otherwise I'll need to scan the manuals myself. In the past this manufacturer has been very responsive to these requests. I am hopeful they will again help me.

I normally store all these on my computer in the "manuals" folder I created. Since these tools are specific for my laser engraver products I will likely also keep a copy of these on laptop computer that controls my laser engraver. I am trying to make my life as easy as possible. I find the systems I create to manage my life tend to work really well.