Living Life In A Wheelchair

My Third Physiotherapy Appointment
[ Friday December 9th 2016 at 2:40 pm ]

I have mixed feelings after the physiotherapy appointment I had today.

  • On the positive side
    • The ultrasound treatments I gave myself to treat the tendinitis of my right knee joint were successful. This is the easiest of all that is wrong with my right knee joint to treat. Maybe with it out of the way progress can be made on the others.
    • The physiotherapist has more ideas to try with me to increase my mobility.
  • On the negative side
    • The funding policy for the physiotherapy treatment I am receiving only provides over sight for a home exercise program with bi weekly appointments. It requires feedback from me for the physiotherapist to make decisions to direct my care. Yet the physiotherapist is unable to give me concrete answers because of the uniqueness of my situation. As I am unable to be observed exercising by her 2 - 3 times a week I am again left to make decisions. I am not by any means opposed to this. But it sure makes the relationship with the physiotherapist feel awkward at times.

The physiotherapist is keen that I increase the practice walking in the swimming pool. It is her ultimate hope that with enough exercise I would recover and be able to no longer need a power wheelchair.

The physiotherapist applied sports tape (similar in idea to k-taping, with the big difference being sports tape is designed for multiple changes during a week) to stabilize my right knee cap. I had discussed this with my family doctor during my previous appointment. With the edge of my right knee cap being trapped under k-tape following a click - pop (followed by pain) instance two weeks ago this is now one of the few remaining attempts to manage my right knee joint pain while attempting to strengthen my leg muscles.

My physiotherapist spent time talking to me about being bow-legged. The lower part of my legs aren't in alignment with the upper part. In all likelihood this is another side effect of the brace I was prescribed to wear for my Legg Perthes disease because of the abduction bar which was meant to keep the diseased hip in the joint at a certain angle. The physiotherapist made an interesting comment. It is one I said to my family doctor in the first appointment I had with him following my right knee hip joint replacement surgery. Replacing my hip joints may have created a problem with my knees because of being bow legged.

The physiotherapist continues to affirm the underlying cartilage issue. When I spoke of the research I did she gave me an almost politically correct response affirming the pain I am experiencing irregardless of the accuracy of the MRI I am questioning. I wish I had the tenure of relationship with the physiotherapist that I have with my family doctor. My family doctor has the experience with me through the five orthopedic surgeries since 2007. When I speak up about something it is received and responded to with me as an individual instead of a generic answer.

Overall I know my body. After my right knee joint not recovering from the setback on August 13th 2016, further deteriorating from the setback on October 14th 2016 and then the 28 instances of my right knee joint clicking - popping followed by pain I know irreparable damage has been done. With the physiotherapist having spent 10 minutes of my second appointment talking to me about needing knee surgery the burden of proof that I have achieve to be considered for knee surgery in Ontario Canada seems dehumanizing. I am not saying that there isn't merit in attempted joint strengthening prior to an operation. I am wanting to do more with my life than living in just a recovery when surgery will bring results.