Requested An Assessmentt For Arch Supports

I've made a random discovery. If I unnaturally over pronounce the arch in my right foot it opens up the inner side of right knee joint and stops me from feeling pain with each step I take. This isn't sustainable. It is a short term strategy to get to the toilet.

The health care professionals involved in my care have already worked out that non invasive knee treatment has been unsuccessful. I am thinking through what is the practical reality of life between now and when it is best for me to have more surgeries. I am starting to wonder if arch supports would help limit some of the pain I experience between now and when it is the right time to have a knee surgery.

I've had arch supports for years. I was advised not to get new ones until I recovered from my hip replacement surgeries. I am very quickly approaching the 4 year anniversary since my 2nd hip replacement surgery. I just didn't recover as expected. I've requested an appointment with a podiatrist I've worked with in the past for his thoughts on arch supports as a means of reducing my pain.