Living Life In A Wheelchair

Knee Brace Has Backfired
[ Wednesday November 23rd 2016 at 3:31 pm ]

The new knee brace has severely backfired. The goal of the knee brace was to support the knee cap. In turn the hope was that it would track correctly. Instead this knee brace is putting pressure on the edge of the knee cap causing severe pain. A custom knee brace is beyond my financial means.

I have an appointment with my physiotherapist scheduled for Friday morning. This is now on my list of items to talk over with my physiotherapist. I also have an appointment with my family doctor scheduled for December 2nd 2016. I will have a discussion with him about this as well.

I don't regret trying. If I come to the point of talking about knee surgery a surgeon will want to know that I've exhausted all conservative therapy options. I don't know what the path forward is concerning the possible use of a knee brace. I am relying on their advice what the best recourse is.