Living Life In A Wheelchair

"Poverty Round Table" Meeting Invitation
[ Friday November 18th 2016 at 10:40 am ]

This morning as I was waiting for the para transit bus to pick me up for an appointment with my family doctor someone walking down my street stopped to speak with me. He was looking for a pulse of day to day life on the disability pension I receive and challenges it creates. An organization has been formed to combat poverty where I live.

I've been encouraged to attend a meeting next week. This is something I am passionate about. A portion of my videos are to educate and share strategies I've developed to manage my day to day life.

The challenge of this is that I never know how my pain is going to be and what setbacks may be occurring. These past few weeks have been exceptionally challenges.

I've taken this persons contact details so I may be sent the reminder recently sent out. I have some ideas that would improve the quality of life I'd like to share. I'll have to see how I am doing on the actual day if I have the stamina to attend.