Living Life In A Wheelchair

Another Letter To My Physiotherapist
[ Friday November 18th 2016 at 6:51 am ]

I've just wrote and faxed another letter to my physiotherapist. My right knee joint has now had 13 instances of clicking - popping followed by pain during November 2016. It isn't recovering from the previous instance before the next one has occurred. This has left me with the same challenges and quality of life I was experiencing before both of my hip joints were replaced.

I've also detailed my plan to move forward and try to get my physiotherapy back on track. The next major step in this process will happen when I receive the knee brace I mail ordered. I am expecting it between November 22nd and 30th 2016.

This morning I have an appointment with my family doctor. I need to bring him up to date with the challenges of the past 3 weeks. I have his support. I am not concerned about communicating this to him. I am looking forward to showing my family doctor the binder I created to track my physiotherapy. I want to go over with him the steps I see in getting my physiotherapy back on track.

Last night before I left the facility where I use the pool I told the young men what is actually going on with my right knee joint. I was dealing with hip and knee challenges in my teen years. After having had several conversations with them I felt they could handle it. In contrast I wouldn't tell a child the full extent. I always say something to the effect the doctors and a person similar to a gym teacher (referring to my physiotherapist) are helping me and I have more appointments coming soon.