Living Life In A Wheelchair

UPS Battery Backup In Service
[ Sunday December 24th 2017 at 5:31 pm ]

I've just put my UPS Battery Backup back into service. I've modified it to now have 5 batteries instead of 1. This protects the server hosting my web sites from power surges and according to the UPS Battery Backup software it gives me 12½ hours of backup electricity during an outage. This is more than enough time for the power company to restore power. In other words there is going to be the consistency with my web sites that hasn't been present in the past. This is crucial if I am to see this grow and develop into a career. The consistency is so important to me because the Internet is really the last option of me pursuing self employment. At this point in my life money is quality of life. That is to say the disability pension benefit rate is so low that more money literally translates into quality of life. It is very hard living approximately $6,000 a year below the poverty line as an adult.