Living Life In A Wheelchair

Mail Ordered A Form To Create A Custom Interlocking Brick Driveway And Sidewalk
[ Sunday December 24th 2017 at 1:00 am ]

I find it very rewarding creating things and using my hands. It also fascinates me to learn how things are made.

One of the projects I've been planning for my home is an interlocking brick drive way. At present my drive way is made of mud and slopes towards my home. The sidewalk is very thin and is cracking under the focused tire weight of my power wheelchair. It needs replacing. The tires on my wheelchair are being damaged.

Last year I drew up blue prints for the layout of a custom interlocking brick drive way I could make by casting the bricks myself. I have found an almost identical cement form that matches my layout. I've mail ordered 2 of these. The mold is only needed for 5 minutes. Having 2 will keep production moving with the volunteer help I will need to complete this project. While one is setting for 5 minutes I will be able to use the other form.