Living Life In A Wheelchair

A New Land Exercise Has Severely Backfired
[ Friday November 11th 2016 at 11:44 am ]

Three hours ago I finished doing the 3 land exercises I was prescribed at my physiotherapy assessment appointment yesterday. One of these exercises has caused a severe reaction in my right knee joint:

  • Severe sharp pain in the 4 o'clock to 6 o'clock position (relevant to my right knee cap)
  • Stiffness throughout my right knee joint
  • Swelling around my right knee joint
  • Intermittent throbbing triggered when I reposition my body for comfort while remaining seated

This reaction was caused by 5 straightening and then bending of my right knee joint. These are symptoms of the frayed knee cartilage. It really isn't good news.

My family doctor and a variety of physiotherapists have directed me since 2006. Each has told me pain should not last 1 hour or 2 hours at the absolute most following my physiotherapy stretches. Since this has been 3 hours I've just faxed a letter to my physiotherapist. (Today is Remembrance Day and the physiotherapy clinic is closed.) I'm refusing to do the stretch which caused this reaction until a further discussion has occurred.

In the letter I wrote I've indicated I am open to a modification being suggested if written instructions are provided to me. I've provided the physiotherapist with my fax number for this purpose. Otherwise I will have a further discussion about this at my next appointment on November 25th 2016.