Living Life In A Wheelchair

An Artificial Intelligence Bot For A Programmers Chat Room Made A Zinger About My Wheelchair
[ Thursday October 5th 2017 at 5:59 pm ]

I had a really good laugh just now. There is a programmers chat room I often use. There is an artificial intelligence bot that monitors the channel. Periodically it will contribute to the conversation.

I am just getting ready to leave for the pool. I told everyone that I was going to be using the white LED's on my wheelchair for the first time. The bot responded "... people may report a UDO in the area .... hehe unidentified driving object". It gave us a good laugh.

Just prior to turning off my computer screen I typed "I can't wait to see how the white LED does, especially on the way home". I arrived home to find that the bot responded "have fun hot-rod". I've had 2 good laughs this evening.