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Mail Ordered 1,000 Business Cards
[ Sunday September 3rd 2017 at 9:31 pm ]

I've started thinking about how I can market my youtube channel and see this grow. I've decided to start by ordering a set of business cards.

I am going to enhance these. I am going to use my label maker to add a 'promo code' to each business card and then laminate them for durability. The reason I am going to add a unique 'promo code' to the business cards is to track their effectiveness. In part I added the phrase "Help Spread The Word ... Pass This On" to the back of each business card. I think it will be interesting to track their usage.

The use of a 'promo code' will also help me with future marketing efforts. I need a tool to be able to measure the effectiveness of each marketing effort. I want to spend money wisely on marketing.