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Planning For My Power Wheelchair Maintenance
[ Friday September 1st 2017 at 4:20 pm ]

I've been in touch with the technical support department of the power wheelchair manufacturer I am using. I need to understand if the 4 small tires are going to wear out every 3 - 4 months or if this is a manufacturing defect. I've been advised they are considered warn out. I was encouraged to work with a local mobility store to consider other types of tires to see if there is a better suited match. The associate I spoke with wrote a nice letter I may submit to my disability case worker justifying the money involved in this ongoing maintenance.

My goal is to get myself off disability social assistance within a few years. I am developing my own suppliers for maintenance. There are very few parts of my power wheelchair which are unique. I've identified a set of possible wheels. I am going to attend this local retail store in a few days to measure them with my digital caliper. Then I will be able to determine if they are able to be mounted on my wheelchair. If I am discharged from the disability pension I will loose the funding for the wheelchair maintenance. I've found sources for almost every part that will need replacing. I just need to decide on what is the best option for my wheels. With driving my power wheelchair to the facility where I do my pool physiotherapy I want to use tires which are designed for use on pavement.