Living Life In A Wheelchair

Results Of The Bone Scan
[ Tuesday August 8th 2017 at 11:16 pm ]

I've just arrived home from the pool. As I live alone and my voice mail is confidential my family doctor left me a message with the results of my bone scan.

The doctors were very surprised to discover even more arthritis than what the MRI imaging of June 19th 2017 diagnosed me with. The arthritis in my knees is worse than the MRI diagnosis. I also have arthritis in my spine and forming in my ankles. From the brief message my family doctor left me I get the impression that the arthritis is what you would expect in someone 20 years older than myself.

I don't have the adult version of the hip disease I suffered with when I was a young child. Bone cancer has also been ruled out.

After hearing these results I am vindicated in my description that the arthritis was much worse than my family doctor believed. This has made me very frustrated that my family doctor hadn't listened to me. I had repeatedly expressed symptoms much worse than the MRI diagnosis in June 2017. I do like my family doctor. But I will need to confront my family doctor when I have my next appointment with him. I know my body. I've been enduring this marathon treatment for the past 12 years. I can't afford to not be taken seriously and what I say is happening in my body be adopted into my treatment immediately. I want to give my family doctor a chance to explain his decisions not to take on what I've said in my many setbacks. Ultimately I need a family doctor that is going to take me at my word. I appreciate that my family doctor cares. However if he won't accept what I have to say is happening in my body it will be time to move on.

It isn't possible to avoid having both of my knee joints replaced if I want to no longer need a wheelchair. I've found Ontario Canada's health care policy to be prejudice to young adults needing knee replacement surgery. I expect I will need to go out of country to receive knee replacement surgery.

I am not ready to pursue more surgeries right now. Getting my day to day life and finances under control are far higher of a priority for me. Ultimately I need to mitigate the risks associated with knee replacement surgery. If an operation backfired I need to have the financial means of managing my day to day life. I have the will to help myself and still live my life irregardless of the medical diagnosis.

When I take the bone scan results into consideration it is obvious that I need housing designed for the needs of my body. it is going to be unavoidable as I age. As one friend put it I can't have spine replacement surgery. My initial goals are to continue with the deep cleaning of my home and building an online income. I consider a house made for my body as a tool. In this sense the complete set of tools I need to operate my day to day life aren't attainable with my present financial means of the disability pension I receive.