Living Life In A Wheelchair

Mail Ordered An Air Paint Spray Tool
[ Tuesday August 8th 2017 at 12:09 am ]

I really enjoy using my hands. I am always working on my wheelchair maintenance. There are a variety of crafts I also enjoy doing. About a week ago a friend who does painting for his career gave me a really good idea. It would be cheaper for me to buy paint by the pint than continuing to buy spray paint for my projects. Tonight I mail ordered an air paint spray tool. I own a modest air compressor. My friend that suggested this offered me the use of his air compressor if I need it for a large project. It is going to be a bit more clean up than only cleaning the tip of spray paint cans. I think this is well worth it. Since it is coming from China this air tool costs $13 (including shipping) and not $85 that this is sold for locally.