Living Life In A Wheelchair

Made A Complaint To My Local Hospital
[ Monday July 24th 2017 at 10:42 am ]

I am extremely pleased with the help I received in the emergency department of my local hospital last night. I was thinking I would write a letter to the editor of my town newspaper to thank the hospital staff for their assistance in the midst of what was a really busy evening.

However I've just had a phone call asking me why I left without being seen. Then when I advised this wasn't the case and provided the name of the emergency department doctor who prescribed medication I was told I went to a different hospital. I can't publicly thank the hospital when something obvious has gone wrong.

I've found errors in my patient chart in the past. Doctors haven't believed me when I pointed them out. Instead of sending a public "thank you" I've filed a complaint with the hospital for the mishandling of my patient chart.