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Purchased A Metal Water Bottle To Hold My Sand Blaster Media
[ Monday February 12th 2024 at 8:14 pm ]

Since I am having an outing for groceries I went into the local dollar store. I just found the perfect container to modify my leaf blower into a sand blaster. I am buying a metal water bottle. This is what I will use to hold the sand blasting medium. A plastic bottle won't work. Eventually the blasting media will chew through the plastic. A metal water bottle is the perfect durable solution.

I will be attaching the water bottle to the leaf blower I have purchased. The blasting media will be gravity fed. It took me about 15 minutes to come up with this idea. It is the creative thinking and using things in ways that weren't originally designed for that makes the creative process so enjoyable and rewarding to me.

I am also feeling happy because the sand blaster will be used to strip the paint from the guinea pig cages. Then I will use my spot welder to add a second set of horizontal bars to the cage. Then I will repeat this another 5 times. After this I will apply pet safe paint. Then I will have my hamster mansion and get my next very special hamster. I am really looking forward to having another pet hamster to love, care for

What made Rocky so special was sharing him with others. I am going to setup a complete CCTV camera system for the hamster mansion. I plan on live streaming my next little buddy. It was wonderful being able to share Rocky with others. It was so special sharing Rocky's affection for me. I also really enjoyed watching the previous night CCTV while eating my meals. In short I am looking forward to another hamster moving in with me.