Living Life In A Wheelchair

Unexpected Answer To Prayer
[ Tuesday June 20th 2017 at 2:30 pm ]

Last night before I went to bed I prayed for God to provide me with money. It isn't that I treat God as a bank machine. I've strained my finances over the past few months and the disability pension I receive isn't keeping up. Most recently my sump pump is wearing out. It is unplanned maintenance. But if I don't fix it now I'll be buying a furnace in 2018 when my basement floods.

I've had an unexpected surprise. One of my friends from Bible college came to visit today. This was planned. He and his wife wanted to give me some money. They surprised me. It will really help me.

Basically 2017 is about re-configuring my life. I am expecting 2018 to be a good year. I am getting through my "to do" list. This has built up over the past 2 years as I engaged in unsuccessful physiotherapy after having my hip joints replaced. Deep cleaning my home and the other chores on my "to do" list will make it easier to take care of myself given the constraints I experience with my physical disability and chronic pain when they are completed.