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Gifted Hot Chocolate Powder And Peppermint Extract
[ Tuesday November 14th 2023 at 10:39 am ]

A friend has gifted me $19. I made a one off comment while playing computer mini golfing that I'd give a lot for a glass of hot chocolate. They group know what's been going on with my eye and the increasing challenges with my legs. A friend wanted to stock me up with hot chocolate powder for this coming winter. It was really wonderful. When Doordash was going to be a nightmare they sent the money to me using an e-mail money transfer to order this myself. This covers most of the cost for 3 cans of hot chocolate and 3 bottles of peppermint extract to give me mint flavour hot chocolate. I am going to order this from Amazon. It will arrive within a few days. I will use this to warm up as I go around taking photos of the various yard decorations for my annual Christmas lights video. I really appreciate these encouraging acts. These types of things happen frequently enough to keep me keep persevering with the challenges in my legs.