Living Life In A Wheelchair

Deep Cleaning Continues
[ Friday June 9th 2017 at 5:15 pm ]

I've just finished the second deep cleaning session of my home with the gracious help of one of the youth in the community where I live. This connection started through the gym I attend to use the pool for my physiotherapy. A few months back he told me how I was a role model for him. He is certainty seeing an up close view of my life and the set of challenges I experience on account of all my hip and knee joints.

We packaged up 7 garbage bags of stuff I no longer need and took them to the thrift store near my home. We've also filled my garbage on wheels and another bag for curb side pickup. I am being ruthless in deciding what stays and what goes. I can see it is going to improve my quality of life. I am extremely grateful for the help.

Unfortunately this has triggered my disability. All my hip and knee joints are going to require several days to recover. Although this is a setback it is far more important that my home becomes as friendly as possible with the special set of needs of my body.