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Delivery Of My Lunch Bag For Having A Monthly Picnic
[ Thursday May 18th 2023 at 9:36 am ]

The lunch bag I ordered has been delivered. I am really excited. I ordered this to have a monthly picnic on the trails at the waters edge. My plan is to go down to the trails at the waters edge, do some nature photography, have a break for my lunch or supper, take some more photos and then head home. I find this very relaxing.

I enjoy the time I spend down there. When I am taking nature photos I completely forget about the issues in my legs. I really enjoy myself. I am looking forward to this. It is obvious the lunch bag I've purchased was recently manufactured. The plastic liner is still off gassing. Once this phase passes I will organize my first picnic using it.

I am able to feel the insulation in the walls of this bag. I know this will keep me safe during the warmth of the summer months. I am equally grateful about this. I don't want to experience food poisoning. It is also very apparent that the carrying strap will be compatible with my power wheelchair. As a tool to facilitate a monthly picnic this is going to work very well. It was money well spent.