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Fantastic Progress On My Laser Engraver Vent Hood
[ Tuesday May 16th 2023 at 9:07 pm ]

Over the past several days I have been putting a bit of time into my laser engraver vent hood and then stopping so my legs could rest and recover. I've been adding brackets to the wood frame. Plexiglass will bolt to the brackets enclosing the sides and top. Today I've completed this part of the setup. The brackets are now all on. I am now ready to double check the measurements for plexiglass and order it. This hasn't been easy. My knees are really bothering me. But this is just wonderful to get this far.

Before I proceed with the plexiglass I have one other task that needs my attention. I need to complete my 2022 income tax return. I just haven't got it yet. In fact there are half a dozen tasks I haven't completed yet. My income tax return needs to be done. I am going to pause working on the laser engraver setup for the next few days to get them done. Then I will finish the setup for my laser engraver. I am really keen to get the laser engraver setup complete so I may start earning money with. I am feeling hopeful. It hasn't been easy to get all the brackets on it. I am working with tight tolerances so the plexiglass will slot into place. The challenge of doing so has made this part of the setup very rewarding.