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Ordered A Lunch Bag For Having A Monthly Picnic!
[ Monday May 8th 2023 at 12:14 am ]

The theme of the final 3 weeks of the grief support group were forward looking. One of the activities was about setting goals. This was a well thought activity. It broke down the idea of setting a goal into component steps so it is tested as being viable and the item being pursued is viable. During the session we were asked to set a goal we'd follow through on. In 2022 I had 2 picnics. I had a lovely time. It is something I was wanting to continue. I am wanting to have a picnic once a month. The biggest barrier to this is having a lunch bag that would keep food at a safe temperature while I spend time taking some nature photos before and after I eat. About two weeks ago I ordered a lunch bag from WalMart. It has been delivered. This vendor is based out of China. The lunch bag is less expensive since it ships directly from the manufacturing facility to the customer with orders placed on the WalMart website. The only downside is that the plastic liner is off gassing. It is obvious my lunch bag was recently manufactured. I need to let it sit outside for 3 or 4 days for the off gassing process to pass. Then I will organize my first picnic using it. I've been really looking forward to it arriving. When I am down at the waters edge I seem to forget about the challenges with my legs. I really enjoy myself. This is really great. I am so glad it is here.