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My Physical Disability Has Taken A Turn For The Worse
[ Monday January 23rd 2023 at 11:40 pm ]

My physical disability has taken a turn for the worse. Just now when I went to get out of the tub I discovered my knee was locked. The knee was serviceable when I got in the tub. I nearly had to call an ambulance in order to have a paramedic rescue me. The only reason this wasn't necessary is because of poorly the recovery from my adult surgeries went and that I had undergone fall recovery training. I had the practical skills necessary to rescue myself. My right knee joint has never done this before. I am disappointed. The silver lining is that I will be able to present this to the surgeon as another reason to offer me knee replacement surgery.

I really want more for my life. I am willing to put in the effort. My knee feels raw. I am hoping I come through this setback quickly. Between the hot water heater breaking, bending the wrong way when installing the iron - ironing board wall system and this happening I haven't made progress on sewing my black out curtains. I have the will for more than just a disability pension for my life. I am trying the best I know how to help myself.