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Hot Water Tank Is Repaired
[ Sunday January 8th 2023 at 6:00 pm ]

My friend Brandon has spent the past 2 hours helping me. He has been very gracious to spend the time helping me. My hot water tank needed to be repaired. A solder joint for the cold water inlet had developed a very small pin hole size leak. A modest amount of the leaking water tripped the fuse and shut down my water heater. The water heater and electric components are undamaged. The solder join that developed the leak has been replaced. As well the pressure relief valve showed signs of corrosion on the outside and was also replaced to err on the side of caution.

Not having hot water during the past few days has upended my life. I rely on warm water to ease the pain in my legs from my physical disability. I've not slept as well during the past few nights on account of this. I own the hot water tank. It is made of a high strength resin. This won't rupture like traditional water heaters. A solder join leaking is one of only a few events that could go wrong.